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Fact Check-Amy Coney Barrett statements on ‘super-precedents’ made during confirmation hearings misquoted on social media amidst Roe v. Wade overturn

Social media users have taken a quote made by Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett during her confirmation hearings in October 2020 out of context. They are claiming she thought Roe v. Wade was settled at the time, contradicting her stance in overturning it in June 2022. The quote shared online cuts Barrett’s next sentence, however, where she stated that she does not view Roe v Wade as a “super-precedent” (or a case less likely to be overturned).

Fact Check-Clip of Lindsey Graham being heckled at airport was filmed in January 2021

A clip of U.S. senator Lindsey Graham being heckled at an airport while being called a ‘traitor’ by passersby was filmed in January 2021 after Joe Biden was certified as president. The video is unconnected to Graham’s announcement of his support for a gun safety bill titled the ‘Bipartisan Safer Communities Act’ in June 2022, contrary to recent social media posts.

Fact Check-Image showing making-of Zelenskiy’s address with hologram sparks fake theories he is never in Ukraine

An image of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in front of a greenscreen has been stripped of its context online. The photograph shows the politician while using 3D video-capture technology; and, contrary to social media posts saying the scene proves he’s been out of the country during the whole conflict, Zelenskiy has been documented as being in Ukraine since the 2022 Russian invasion started.