Images from the Superman & Lois season 2 finale focus on the return of Arrow's John Diggle. The upcoming episode is titled "Waiting for Superman." The show has a lot of loose ends to tie up in the finale, namely that Clark is currently powerless after a nasty battle with Ally. Additionally, John Henry Irons is off the grid, having gone through the portal to fight Ally where she's currently hidden. The merging of worlds is also on the horizon and seems nearly inevitable following the most recent episode, where Lois, Clark, and their family watched their house flicker before their eyes.

Despite the many in-progress storylines, Superman & Lois will find time to include David Ramsey's Diggle in the episode. In fact, showrunner Todd Helbing has said he plays a big role in introducing the villain of season 3, who remains a mystery as of now. Of all the Arrow characters, Diggle has been the most consistent presence in the Arrowverse since the flagship series went off the air in 2020. In addition to Ramsey directing several episodes of various shows, he's popped up on screen in The FlashLegends of TomorrowBatwoman, and Supergirl, also putting in a previous appearance on Superman & Lois. Most recently, Diggle was in the June 15 episode of The Flash, where he finally rejected the possibility of becoming a Green Lantern, originally teased back in the Arrow series finale.


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Now, new images from the Superman & Lois season 2 finale highlight Diggle's return to the show. He's seen talking to John Henry Irons, though it's unclear if their conversation relates to the new villain or something else. The photos also show Lana making a speech as mayor, Lois and Chrissy sharing a sweet moment at the office, and Sarah and Jordan having an overdue heart-to-heart. Check out the images below:

While it's hard to know for sure, it's possible most of these images come from the end of the Superman & Lois season 2 finale, after the team has already defeated Ally. In particular, the Smallville celebration seems unlikely to take place earlier on, as the last episode ended with Lana warning the town's residents to stay at home with their loved ones. It's nice to see both Lana and Chrissy and Jordan and Sarah reconciling after struggling with secrets throughout season 2.

Meanwhile, the images with Diggle and John Henry Irons confirm Irons survives his encounter with Ally. Since he appears to have some sort of paperwork in front of him, Diggle could be giving information about a new threat or something else entirely. Hopefully, all will be revealed when the Superman & Lois season 2 finale airs on June 28.

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