Warning! Spoilers for She-Hulk #4 by Marvel Comics

To blow off steam, She-Hulk has formed her own fight club and chosen the perfect first opponent in her long-time rival, Titania. In a new preview for She-Hulk #4 by Marvel Comics, Jennifer Walters and Titania have their debut matchup after agreeing to take their usual fights to a more controlled environment. Their new fight club means nobody gets hurt, and damage isn't caused in their epic slugfest as neither needs to hold back.

She-Hulk is back to her usual self after spending time with the Avengers as the Marvel Comics hero is practicing law again in her new series. In the first chapter of the ongoing comic, She-Hulk ran into her longtime villain and rival Titania, as the superpowered pair's fight ended with a surprise agreement. Jennifer Walters suggested they meet up every once in a while in vacant areas and fight without holding back, allowing them to battle but without putting anyone in harm's way. Now, readers are seeing their first fight in the new fight club, as Titania proves to be the perfect first opponent for She-Hulk.


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In a new preview for She-Hulk #4 by Rainbow Rowell, Luca Maresca, Rico Renzi, Jen Bartel, and VC's Joe Caramagna from Marvel Comics, She-Hulk's fight club begins as Jennifer Walters fights her "lunch date" Titania. Her first opponent in the friendly (but no hold barred) battle proves to be a worthy adversary. The preview opens with Titania demanding She-Hulk tell repeat that "Titania rules and She-Hulk drools," as she crushes her under a metal beam.

In the battle, She-Hulk is surprised to learn Titania came with back up in Volcana, which the former villain reveals she brought back up in case she did. Titania also admits she wants Volcana to join their new fight club, to which Jennifer questions why she would want to fight someone with lava powers, as she prefers "not to be on fire." Unfortunately, She-Hulk gets distracted by Ben (likely Ben Grimm as seen on the Jen Bartel cover above) as Titania lands a haymaker against her.

Ultimately, the new fight club with She-Hulk and Titania is a great way both can get out their frustration and anger against an opponent who can withstand their mighty blows. The hero and the villain's first fight club battle is a back-and-forth affair that could get even more intense if Ben Grimm and Volcana join the fight. Can She-Hulk and Titania continue the slugfest and make sure that whatever happens in their fight club stays between the fight club? Readers will find out more soon when She-Hulk #4 by Marvel Comics arrives in comic book stores next Wednesday.

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