One of the most reliable leakers on Twitter has just teased something related to God of War Ragnarök, and many believe it points to a reveal coming as early as next week. The mysterious leaker, who goes by The Snitch online, has an impressive track record, having previously leaked, among other things, the existence of a remaster for Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core before its announcement during the Final Fantasy 7 anniversary stream last week.

God of War Ragnarök has been the subject of much scrutiny recently. The hotly anticipated sequel to the 2018 title was announced in 2020, and while fans have since seen some impressive footage from the game and enticing first looks at characters such as Thor and Tyr, there's still a lot that's unknown about the title. Arguably the biggest unknown about the game is its release date. God of War Ragnarök is slated for a 2022 release, but given how little of the game has been shown this year, fans have begun to grow doubtful. Speculation about God of War Ragnarök's release date has become so plentiful that some people have actually grown sick of it, but if The Snitch is to be believed, the answer to fans' questions might be right around the corner.


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In a traditionally cryptic Twitter post, The Snitch shared a familiar gif of Kratos nodding his head while holding his axe. The leaker added a sequence of numbers to the gif; four ones and a zero. It has been noted by many that the sequence "11110" is the number 30 in binary code. Many have taken this to mean that Sony will air a special State of Play dedicated to God of War Ragnarök on the 30th, a week from when the leak was posted. Of course, Sony has yet to confirm anything, and given how vague the tease is, there are numerous other interpretations, such as a possible full release on the 30th of any month from now to December. It's also possible that the leak is simply incorrect, but given The Snitch's track record, that would be a surprise.

God of War Ragnarök is one of the most anticipated games of 2022, so its absence from the video game showcases that are common in June has been a surprise for players who are looking forward to learning more about it. This conspicuous absence from the lineup is perhaps the strongest evidence that the game isn't launching in 2022 after all. On the other hand, producer Cory Barlog has previously teased that God of War Ragnarök is complete and playable already, which would make a 2022 release not only feasible but inevitable.

Trusting leaks, even from a heretofore reliable source like The Snitch, is always a dangerous game. Until Sony and PlayStation come forward with something official, there's really nothing for players to do but wait. If The Snitch's reputation holds up again, though, God of War Ragnarök fans should have a lot to look forward to on June 30th.

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Source: The Snitch/Twitter

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