Warning! Spoilers ahead for Aquaman & the Flash: Voidsong #1

In the DC Universe, the Flash is labeled as the fastest man alive. But unfortunately for him, that might also mean he's the most dangerous man alive.

Although the Flash's origins have been shifted and updated over the years, the general concept of his origin has remained roughly the same. Forensic investigator Barry Allen was struck by lightning while doused in chemicals. The result is that he gained a connection to a mysterious aspect of nature called the Speed Force, which granted him the superhuman ability to run at incredible speeds. More than that though, Flash could also think at incredible speeds and move his body so that he could do things like phase through solid matter.


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But connecting to the Speed Force and moving at incredible speeds can also be incredibly dangerous. In the Aquaman & the Flash: Voidsong #1 by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and  Vasco Georgiev, the Flash runs so fast that he briefly enters the Speed Force. When he emerges from it, everyone on Earth is frozen. This is due to an alien invasion that the Flash missed out on because he was in the Speed Force, but his first reaction is to think that he somehow caused this. He believes he went so fast that he broke some sort of natural law that put the Earth in danger, which is something no other hero has to worry about.

Even for someone like the Flash, who is considered Earth's greatest speedster, the Speed Force is still largely unknown. Because it is an aspect of nature that Barry is messing with it can affect reality itself every time he uses it to drastic results this is both incredibly scary and dangerous, especially for a hero. For the most part, Barry knows how to use it, but every once in a while, he makes a wrong move that can cause some type of catastrophe.

Even DC's other heroes know of this and have given Barry Allen a stigma because of it. In the issue, Aquaman also avoids the alien's invasion by being deep underwater. And when he finds out that Barry is also unaffected he immediately assumes that the Flash had something to do with it similar to when he rewrote reality during Flashpoint. As one of Earth's greatest heroes, the Flash can still be responsible for some of its greatest disasters all by just using his powers.

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Aquaman & the Flash: Voidsong #1 is available now from DC Comics.

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