After remaining silent on the platform for six months, YouTube sensation Emma Chamberlain returns with a highly anticipated vlog-style video. The internet star began her career in 2017, uploading videos that incorporate a natural aptitude for self-deprecating humor similar to other young comedians like Pete Davidson. Her video style stood out from a majority of other vlog content at the time, and audiences quickly flocked to Chamberlain's relatable approach to content creation. Since 2017, she has expanded her empire from humorous YouTuber to fashion influencer, high fashion model, and business owner.

Audiences began wondering where the creator vanished to when her YouTube uploads ceased in December 2021. Chamberlain continued to make public appearances despite her hiatus, such as being the Vogue interviewer at the Met Gala, speaking with stars like Daisy Edgar-Jones and Regé-Jean Page on the red carpet. However, fans are most excited about the new video, since it could mark the official reunion between the young media mogul and the platform that launched her career.

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Six months after her apparent departure, and Chamberlain seems to be slowly stepping back into the vlog world by uploading "what's good in new york," an 18-minute exploration of Manhattan featuring endearing street interviews and witty commentary. Her YouTube video incorporates a popular street-style format, combining her natural aptitude for interviewing others with off-beat humor as she explores the city. Parading around with a poster that reads "Please let me ask you just one question for my cute little YouTube video," Chamberlain proceeds to visit the best - and worst - places to visit according to the people that live there. Watch the hiatus-breaking video below on Chamberlain's channel:

Watch Emma Chamberlain's Latest Video Here

Captioning the video "happy to be back" suggests this will not be a one-off upload from the star. Chamberlain has previously confided in her podcast listeners that the pressure to create content became too much, and she needed to log off for a while to re-center herself and find new inspiration. With over 11 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly 16 million Instagram followers, Chamberlain has established a mega fanbase, earning respect as one of the most successful influencers to expand their digital career beyond a single venture. Although her recent hiatus made some believe she would abandon the platform altogether, it seems that for now she is continuing to entertain audiences on her original channel.

The pattern of YouTube stars rising to global success and slowly drifting away from the platform is not new. Previously, viral stars like Jenna Marbles or Zoe Sugg, AKA "Zoella," have showcased similar behavior, whether it is sporadically uploading or exiting the platform all together. Content creation is a much more involved, fast paced form of entertainment, one that requires an individual to become the star, writer, director, editor, producer - all without really thinking about it. Ultimately, stars who achieve the level of success Chamberlain has do face burnout. For Chamberlain fans, the end of her hiatus may signify a new chapter for the creator - one that includes fresh, new styles of vlog content, hopefully with none of the added anxieties that come with being the face of your own social media empire.

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