Why India's population problem is not what you think

India’s population will start to collapse in two decades. It’s a matter of celebration – and concern

19 Mumbai donors give city a new chemo centre

A Mumbaikar has donated land worth Rs 120 crore to Tata Memorial Hospital for the chemo centre and 18 other donors have pooled in Rs 18 crore for its construction

Did you know 80% of users who start a crossword solve it?
Did you know it takes only 4 minutes to solve the crossword?

A different way of looking at Hamara Bharat Mahan

After all the debates about India, Pakistan and Kashmir, once you zoom out of the map a bit, you will gain a new perspective of who we are

Why India and China are risking war — and talking peace

Despite tensions flaring post-Galwan attack in 2020 and an enduring threat of conflict, the two countries seem to have have reached a mutually beneficial relationship

Why American Muslims are feeling a growing sense of dread

Few thought that the ones responsible for the killings of four men in Albuquerque, New Mexico would be a Muslim with sectarian motives. To keep peace, some Muslims of different sects Sunnis and Shiites are calling for solidarity

Why Nitish is weaker with RJD than he was with BJP

Tejashwi’s RJD not just has more ministers than Nitish’s former ally BJP, it is also much less dependent on him than his former partner was

The daily school run that helped Avinash Sable win a rare medal

By now, Avinash Sable’s memorable steeplechase win is something everyone knows about. But what is less known is the athlete’s journey to that silver medal. We visit his village home and meet his family to understand how big Sable’s dream is

6 states where women have more sex partners than men

New data shows that in many states, including big ones like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Assam and Tamil Nadu, women average more partners over their lifetime than men

'Dear LG, here's what a Kashmiri Pandit is telling me'

Two days after a Kashmiri Pandit was killed in Jammu and Kashmir, our columnist writes an open letter to J&K's lieutenant governor asking why Pandits want to leave and if scrapping Article 370 has really brought a new dawn

Hindus & Muslims, liberals and conservatives need to talk

Some of our problems need dialogue, between parties, between communities, between ideologues

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How soldiers helped make India the democracy it is

Armed forces played a vital role in early nation-building but now must transform to meet new challenges

Why judges must be accountable to society

The Indian judiciary is badly in need of an overhaul. Here are five important reforms that will go a long way in modernising our legal ecosystem

Why I hope India's startup boom will continue

Entrepreneurship is booming. Sustaining this requires massive R&D investment and more women in business

IAS hasn't failed India. But it can be more accountable

Their performance depends crucially on politicians and is also constrained by conformity culture

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Sorry, I won't fly the Tiranga on Aug 15. This is why

To me, the 'Har ghar Tiranga' campaign is hollow symbolism and I find such gigs an insult to everything our national flag stands for. Imbibing the values of the Tricolour would be the true tribute

No, Muslims are no 'population bombs' waiting to explode

Stereotyping a whole community as a 24x7 breeding machine as part of a plot to outnumber Hindus itself belongs to the realm of conspiracies, but the way the two sides have reacted to such thinking exhibits a larger problem

Farida Shanti, Rubina Bharti: The double life many Muslims live

Our identity is a big marker of who we are. But what happens when the very same identity becomes a barrier in living a normal life?

'Muslim world's silence on Rushdie isn't surprising, India's is'

The muted reaction to the attack worldwide has prompted a debate on the creeping illiberalism, even in countries which once regarded free speech as one of the pillars of a liberal, democratic and civilised society

Why we must stop weaponising Partition

Partition has remained a distant event in India’s southern states. The region needs a new narrative to counter the Right’s attempts to use that period to stoke rage and sow division

How Bollywood stars’ fees is bankrupting film industry

The industry was pinning its hopes on 'Laal Singh Chaddha' and 'Raksha Bandhan'. But following their lacklustre performance, the general view is that a correction, in terms of salaries and content, is much needed in Bollywood

'Dhaka saw what happened in Colombo and it's panicking'

Bangladesh has asked multilateral agencies for loans to shore up the economy. Many feel considering the amount and loan conditions it is not worth the effort as common people will be further impacted

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Five reasons why Indian students prefer to study abroad

Don’t judge Indian students going abroad. Fix the system problems that are driving them out

We could soon have one vaccine for Covid and monkeypox

Can the science that began with battling smallpox deliver joint protection against Covid and monkeypox?

How Indian tourists are wrecking the places they visit

Littering, drinking in public spots, partying noisily in jungle lodges, trying to take selfies with animals, dancing naked in waterfalls...the list of irresponsible behaviour can go and on

How close is Bangladesh to Sri Lankan situation?

Bangladesh is witnessing massive protests over rising prices of fuel and food. Public discontent in Dhaka is reminiscent of the situation recently seen in Colombo. Is Bangladesh heading the Sri Lanka way?

Why Indian economy will be world’s breakout star

We may not grow at more than 5% annually, but that’s still good in a slowing global economy

I-Day celebrations are boringly sarkari. Here's how to change

We should learn from Americans how to make it a fun party instead – of the people and by the people

Congress' enemy are its old loyalists, not young deserters

Have narrow, partisan considerations forestalled the Gandhis from looking at the big picture in the Grand Old Party? The evidence is for all to see

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Five reasons why Indian students prefer to study abroad

Don’t judge Indian students going abroad. Fix the system problems that are driving them out

Inside mass shooter's mind: 'Am I a loser, or are they losers?'

The common thing to say about mass shooters is that they have mental health issues, but that’s often misleading. It's a complex mix of circumstances, personality and background that drives them to do what they do

Mumbai will be without its Marine Drive in 2050 if...

Sea-level rise due to global warming is sounding the death knell for coastal cities. To understand this, risk assessment agency RMSI carried out a ‘what if’ study to visualise what the shoreline in Mumbai and other cities could look like in 2050 if no action is taken

Why Indian athletes can break medal barrier at 2024 Olympics

They just proved their mettle at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, and TOI analysis shows in many disciplines India’s best are ahead of Olympic bronze winners

Shame, Satan, life or freedom – no one says it like Rushdie

As Salman Rushdie recovers after being grievously stabbed at an event in New York, it seems apt to go through his large body of work to try to understand why, while his writing is so admired, his subjects aren’t

Why Gokhale blasted the British for surplus budget in India

An excerpt of the veteran Congress leader Gopal Krishna Gokhale’s first Budget Speech in 1902, where he made the famous statement that has since been deemed at the centre of our financial wisdom of any state. Interestingly, it was made in the presence of Lord Curzon

Why lifetime ban on filing RTIs is illegal and undemocratic

The former chief information commissioner writes on how the Gujarat Commission is not only out of line to go after RTI user, but how the act is constantly being weakened by those in power

Why the 'new BJP system' will dominate India till 2047

Most likely, more states will be won by political M&As

What made Salman Rushdie a 20th century modern Muslim

The hurt we feel is to do with both the man and his work. His vision is life- and culture-affirming

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