01/7The coronavirus will always wait for a chance to enter a host body

We have lived through the COVID pandemic for two years now. We know a great deal about how to manage the infection, how to remain safe, when should we go for COVID testing and how important it is to remain isolated from others when there is an infection.

But, these are just a thing or two about the pandemic! The major responsibility lies in living the rules every single moment. Negligence made by individuals snowballs and leads to a pandemic situation.

So, while you might be thinking you are doing the best in avoiding the infection, these questions might be a clue if you are doing it right or not.

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02/7​Do you wear a mask?

Many people are seen not wearing masks these days. Maybe the very thought that vaccines have made them invincible against the virus is why they do not prefer wearing masks.

However, irrespective of whatever measures you are taking to protect yourself, if you are not wearing masks, you are too casual about the infection.

COVID reinfections are a possibility and many cases of reinfections have been reported from vaccinated individuals as well.


03/7​Do you only wear the mask in public places?

If you are one among those who have not yet forgotten their battle against the coronavirus, you must definitely be wearing the mask at a crowded place.

Wearing masks guards you against the virus and at the same time it also guards others against the possibility of virus transmission by you. Therefore by wearing a mask you are not just protecting yourself, you are also protecting others.


04/7Do you remove the mask immediately after deboarding a metro or bus or any other public transportation mode?

Though many people wear masks at public places or while taking public transport, they remove it immediately after deboarding the metro or bus.

This is a wrong practice. Masks should not be removed immediately after a ride in public transport or immediately after returning from a crowded place. It should be disposed of properly so that the viruses which might be present on the outer surface of the mask do not get a chance to enter the body.


05/7​Do you prefer not to wear a mask in the office or at home?

Only if your house or office is properly ventilated, you can prefer not to wear masks inside. But if it is crowded and there is no proper ventilation, it is always advisable to wear masks.

Virus does not see whether you are indoors or outdoors, it affects you the moment it gets a chance to enter your system.


06/7​How often do you sanitize your hands?

Just when the pandemic had hit the world, there was a dearth of hand sanitizers in shops. But right now, nobody seems to be using it.

Hand sanitizers keep your palm surface sterilized and devoid of the virus. It limits the entry of viruses through the mouth and nostrils which often happens through the hands.

It is very important to keep the hands sanitized particularly when you are using surfaces which are also used by others.



The coronavirus will remain in the environment and will wait for its chance to enter a host body and spread from there. It is on us to keep ourselves protected from the virus.

While safety protocols should be followed, we should also be careful about the symptoms. Even those with mild symptoms can spread the infection at a faster rate.

One should also be careful about the testing and isolation. If someone in your close contact has tested positive for the virus, test yourself and keep yourself isolated till the incubation period.