Can you find the deer hidden in this picture within 10 seconds?


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Can you find the deer hidden in this picture within 10 seconds?

On this rugged mountainscape a deer is hiding. But only if you have hawk-eyes you can spot it within 10 seconds!
This image is immensely popular over the internet. While many people were able to find the deer within 10 seconds, many could not even trace it after 5 minutes and after scanning the image from every possible angle.

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What makes it tough to spot the deer?

The deer, a prey mostly in wild habitat, is standing on the mountain. The reason why many people can not see the deer despite repeated attempts is because the color of the deer skin blends perfectly well with the surroundings.

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This is a typical pattern seen in wildlife where the prey always tries to camouflage into the surroundings to escape the hunter animal and the hunter animal blends into the surrounding habitat to make sure it is not visible to the prey.

Did you find the deer?

If by now, you haven't found the deer here are two hints for you:

Hint 1: In the image, look for a shade higher or lower than the mountainous surrounding. Though it is evident that the deer skin has a shade similar to that of the background, it is likely that there will be a slight difference in the colors.

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Hint 2: Look where you think there are lesser chances. This is a common trick to solve optical illusions. Look for answers in those places where nobody would look at the first glance.

Often, when people see an image they focus on what is exactly before them. They tend to focus their vision on the centre of the image. This is what deprives them of seeing things that are hidden in illusions.

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Wait, is there something else?

Many people have pointed out that there is a leopard hidden in the mountain as well.

The leopard that is being talked about is sitting here.

However, contrary to what is usually seen in wildlife, both the animals are unaware of each other's presence. While the deer is gazing towards the front, the leopard has its eyes on something towards the right.

We will leave it to the imagination of the viewers whether they see a leopard or not.

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Here's the deer!

The deer, a tiny one, is standing right on the top. It seems like a fawn.

  1. What is this optical illusion about?
    This optical illusion is about a deer standing on what seems like a rugged mountain surface.
  2. How fast can one solve this optical illusion?
    One can spot the deer within 10 seconds if one has good observation skills.
  3. What does this optical illusion illustrate?
    The image illustrates the concept of camouflaging or blending well to the surrounding environment in order to escape from an attack. This is a very common scene in wildlife setup.
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