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The first ecologic rum from the Dominican Republic is born from the fresh juice of the Sugar Cane, extracted from one of our oldest and wildest fields, completely organic like Barceló Organic.

Located next to a river adjacent to our distillery in San Pedro de Macorís, the tiny but exclusive ecologic field where the sugar cane grows untamed, which rises our most ecologic rum to date, is a gift of nature of only 1.5 square kilometers in size which has rested its soils for about five years. In solidarity with its freedom, we make sure that there are no residues of fertilizers or chemical nutrients added.

Barceló Organic is aged in select oak wood cuts without previous use. Its blend of different ages gives us an intense amber color, followed by subtle hints of cocoa, tobacco leaves, fleshy fruits and pink pepper. Accompanied by a majestic case made of bagasse, a vegetable fiber resulting from the extraction of cane juice that, in addition to serving as biomass is the perfect packaging for this reverence that we make to Mother Nature. With such a level of detail, to sign this eco-friendly packaging we could not use just any ink, so we chose to identify it with a hundred percent ecologic ink.

And like all precious goods, Barceló Organic is an exclusive and limited rum production of only 39,670 cases a year for the whole world. At the same time, it is the result of our extreme commitment to sustainability, through a cultivation methodology developed from the rigorous implementation of our RB360 sustainability code. It is certified by the respected Société Générale de Surveillance and from which our Carbon Neutral certification has been derived since 2016.

For this and much more, Barceló Organic is sustainability made rum… Unique from its origin.


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