The best fights are personal, and most fights in Tekken are. Way back in 1994, the first entry in the series was released, and it's still going strong, with new entries, characters, and fighting styles. Tekken features one of the most realistic combat styles in games - except for some peculiar characters, that is.

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Netflix is now adapting the iconic series into a 3D anime, starting from the events of the third game. With so many characters involved in Tekken, it's anyone's guess who will and won't be in the show. But some of them are already confirmed. Spoilers for Tekken: Bloodline ahead!


9 Jin Kazama

Jin is the protagonist of the third game and, from what we've seen so far, for the anime as well. A good man, who learns how to fight from both, his mother and grandfather, he goes on a quest for vengeance against Ogre for killing his mother.

Devil Jin, who is treated as a different character in terms of gameplay, will also appear in the series as he is shown in the teaser and also had a major role in the third game. It will be quite nostalgic to see his younger self once more.

8 Jun Kazama

Our protagonist's mother was introduced in the second game and had a relationship with Kazuya Mishima. However, there weren't a lot of details about their relationship, so the anime hopefully sheds some light on this topic.

She trains her son how to fight and how to control his rage. She teaches Jin to fight only for peace, since she knows about his bloodline through Kazuya. It is her death that sparks the quest for revenge Jin embarks upon. She probably won't be around for long, as we already know her fate.

7 Heihachi Mishima

Head of the Mishima Zaibatsu and grandad of the year, Heihachi is the one who trains Jin, so he can have his revenge. Despite his charisma, he is one of the worst people in Tekken, valuing nothing but strength. He can also be very sadistic, and tends to help, only if it serves his own agenda.

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Without saying much about his intentions in the third game, to avoid possible spoilers for the anime, malice and a very weird sense of humor can be expected from him. Prepare for amazing action scenes though, since he can battle people with actual powers with nothing but his bare hands - and feet, since he's quite a kicker.

6 Kazuya Mishima

Briefly seen in the teaser, Kazuya Mishima is Heihachi's son and Jin's father. He was the protagonist of the very first Tekken game, and the antagonist of the second. A boy who made a deal with the devil to get revenge on his father, he's quite a menacing figure himself.

His role in the show is unknown since, during the events of Tekken 3, he's a bit busy being dead. However, his deal with the Devil affects his genes and complicates Jin's life too, so perhaps he may appear in flashbacks, for instance, talking about such a moment. They can also bring him back earlier than expected since he is revived in Tekken 4.

5 Ogre

The big bad evil guy from the third game, Ogre, the God of Fighting, is a powerful creature accidentally released from his slumber. He seeks powerful martial artists to fight against and improve his own skills. This leads him into a rampage that ends the lives of a few characters from the previous games - Jun being one of them.

He's a force to be reckoned with, and even has a powerful transformation to use if things get tough. He appears very imposing in the teaser, withstanding attacks and knocking people over with ease.

4 Ganryu

An interesting addition to the anime, Ganryu debuted in the very first Tekken game as a young, strong, and arrogant sumo wrestler. He chose to participate in the King of the Iron First Tournament after his behavior got him kicked out of sumo tournaments.

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However, what makes his addition to the anime curious, is the fact that he doesn't appear in the third game - the one the show is based on. His role here, seemingly a bodyguard for Heihachi, is a new approach for the character.

3 Paul Phoenix

A true veteran of the series, Paul has been in every main entry of the game. One of the strongest characters gameplay-wise, he is a good person who's willing to scheme for money. He's also a bit too overconfident and short-tempered for his own good.

It's hard to say whether he'll have a big role in the series. There's a chance he won't be much more than just an opponent in the tournament, though. Despite the teaser having a serious tone, there is also a chance of him being a comic relief character outside of combat.

2 Leroy Smith

Another interesting character choice for the anime, Leroy is one of the most recent additions to Tekken, introduced as a DLC character in Tekken 7. He lost his family at a very young age due to the actions of the Mishima Zaibatsu, and in the game, seeks to understand why so many bad things are caused by it.

However, since the series will take place during the events of Tekken 3, his appearance here is quite mysterious. Though his backstory will likely remain the same, his reason to join the tournament is unknown.

1 King 2

A fan favorite, mostly because of his mask and unbelievably long grapple attacks, King 2 also appears in the series' teaser. What many people don't know is that the King mantle has passed down between characters, and the King featured in the first Tekken games is not the same from Tekken 3 onwards.

King 2 is in a similar situation as Jin; he lost his mentor, King 1, at the hands of Ogre, and even received training from King 1's mentor, Armor King. One curious detail about the character is that he only speaks via Jaguar growls, and it is not certain yet how or if he'll talk in the series.

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