For those of you lucky enough to have snagged a PlayStation 5, one of the first impressions you may have had upon pulling it out of its box may have been: 'wow, it's big!' Yep, Sony's latest console is a bit of a chonk and recalls the equally cumbersone PS3 in its curves and heft.

While all PlayStations have eventually downsized, such as the PS4 Slim, and sometimes quite dramatically so in earlier gens, we are still probably a while away from seeing an official PS5 Slim. But one master builder has taken up the challenge and created a custom PS5 Slim.


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DIY Perks is a popular YouTube channel where its presenter, Matt, takes on various projects such as building a DIY submarine, converting broken TVs into artificial skylights, converting devices to USB-C, among other tech-related builds. For his latest project Matt has turned his hands to building a PS5 Slim.

As Matt notes, the PS5 is Sony's largest console yet so a slim version would be appealing, but since no official Slim version exists, Matt did it himself. He dismantles a PS5, taking it to pieces and taking out components such as the motherboard and power supply.

Matt takes drastic action with the aim of making a console that's 2cm thick. It's no easy feat and shows off the builder's skills as he tackles various issues as he gets out his soldering iron. It's a long video showing fairly in depth the processes that Matt undergoes in shrinking the great white beast that is the PS5.

But does Matt succeed? After going through the building process, the YouTuber does get his PS5 into an impressively small form factor, turning the console into something that takes up far less space. He tests it out by seeing if it turns on. Here, there's a hiccup.

He then tests it out by playing a game on his newly miniaturised PS5. But oh no! Once again problems arise as the game he's playing, Astro's Playroom, suddenly freezes. Turns out it was an overheating problem due to the power supply and it bricks his console. It seems making a smaller PS5 isn't at all easy, but Matt finds a workaround by fitting a new motherboard into his cooked miniature PS5.

Success! Matt achieves his goal of producing a working, fully running, smaller PS5, and proves it by playing Horizon Forbidden West on it for several hours. His PS5 Slim is a sleek, shiny machine that looks the part, and even improves on the original by running cooler. But as Matt says himself most people probably won't go through the thorough processes he did in making it. But all the same, it's good to know that it's doable.

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