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Jacqueline Zalace

Jacqueline Zalace is a writer for TheGamer, based in Austin, Texas. When she's not writing or playing video games, you can catch her doing yoga and painting.

Articles Published : 549

Anvil Saga: How To Get Books

Books are used to craft new items in Anvil Saga. Here, you can learn how to get books for the first time to craft more complex and expensive items.

Outward: Alchemy Recipe Guide

There are dozens of alchemy recipes available in Outward. Here, you can learn about every item that you can make with an Alchemy Kit.

Outward: How To Obtain Mana

Mana is used to cast spells in Outward, but you must first unlock the ability to use it. Here, you can learn how to obtain Mana for the first time.

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